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Let´s help Ban Ki-moon find out how to work with and for Young People (organically…)!

After RIO+20, most of us were left with a feeling of frustration. A void declaration, with vague references to goals and to sustainability… But the buzz from the streets and the social media could not be ignored. It is obvious that we need to keep pushing for our voices to be heard, in all possible ways, especially using social media and internet.

Well, apparently the UN has also acknowledged the need to reach out for young people via internet, in order to plan better and more effective ways of working with and for this and the future generations.

A System-Wide Action Plan on Youth is now being developed. This Action Plan will have an impact on how the whole UN system will approach youth in the coming years. It will focus on the five priority areas:

– Employment

– Entrepreneurship

– Education, including education on sexual and reproductive health

– Citizenship and protection of rights

– Political inclusion

So even if the priority areas have already been set, the details for the development of the plan are expected to emerge from a consultation with youth, youth-led organizations and anyone who would like to join. How? Though an online questionnaire! How simple does it sound, right?

Maybe a bit too simple… But it´s worth giving it a try and using it as tool to voice our concerns as Young Organics!

It took me about 20 minutes to go through the questionnaire. It´s pretty straight forward and there is also room for adding input whenever you feel that the options provided do not correspond to your answer.

For example, I felt that a link with food security and sustainable food production/consumption was missing overall (duh!). So I added some detailed thoughts on how involving young people on policy development and decision making  for Food Security is fundamental. I also added a few things about recognizing the importance of vocational and informal education, involving more young people in food production and rewarding professional choices that contribute to sustainable food production and consumption…

You can contribute to the System Wide Action Plan on Youth Survey. Check the links below and share your thoughts with Ban ki-moon!







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