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Let´s help Ban Ki-moon find out how to work with and for Young People (organically…)!

After RIO+20, most of us were left with a feeling of frustration. A void declaration, with vague references to goals and to sustainability… But the buzz from the streets and the social media could not be ignored. It is obvious that we need to keep pushing for our voices to be heard, in all possible ways, especially using social media and internet.

Well, apparently the UN has also acknowledged the need to reach out for young people via internet, in order to plan better and more effective ways of working with and for this and the future generations.

A System-Wide Action Plan on Youth is now being developed. This Action Plan will have an impact on how the whole UN system will approach youth in the coming years. It will focus on the five priority areas:

– Employment

– Entrepreneurship

– Education, including education on sexual and reproductive health

– Citizenship and protection of rights

– Political inclusion

So even if the priority areas have already been set, the details for the development of the plan are expected to emerge from a consultation with youth, youth-led organizations and anyone who would like to join. How? Though an online questionnaire! How simple does it sound, right?

Maybe a bit too simple… But it´s worth giving it a try and using it as tool to voice our concerns as Young Organics!

It took me about 20 minutes to go through the questionnaire. It´s pretty straight forward and there is also room for adding input whenever you feel that the options provided do not correspond to your answer.

For example, I felt that a link with food security and sustainable food production/consumption was missing overall (duh!). So I added some detailed thoughts on how involving young people on policy development and decision making  for Food Security is fundamental. I also added a few things about recognizing the importance of vocational and informal education, involving more young people in food production and rewarding professional choices that contribute to sustainable food production and consumption…

You can contribute to the System Wide Action Plan on Youth Survey. Check the links below and share your thoughts with Ban ki-moon!







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Young Organics Fourth Pioneer Dialogues held at Lebensbaum

Young Organics visited the headquarters of the organic company, Lebensbaurn, in Diepholz, Niedersachsen (Lower Saxony) for their fourth Organic Pioneers Dialogue.

On July  14, Lebensbaum CEO Ulrich Walter and his daughter, Maren, who works in the communications department, opened the company’s doors to Young Organics and showed how the family-run company has achieved strong growth while maintaining the authenticity and integrity of a small family enterprise.
“The company’s values are core to our work, I breathe the values with everything I do.” said Maren when asked how the values underlining Lebensbaum’s strategy and activities are implemented.
During a tour through the production facilities, visitors were surrounded by the sweet smell of the many spices packed and blended there. The visitors discussed how supply chains are monitored and logistics managed, in addition to witnessing impressive technologies, including an earth pump that provides the geo-thermal heating for the low energy building.
“We are convinced that a long-term relationship between a company and the producer is the only sustainable way to do business. Quality of the product is not entirely the responsibility of the producer, but as much our responsibility, so we will always work together to find ways to improve quality or productivity. Since we started we have never ended a relationship with a producer” Ulrich Walter said.
In the afternoon activists from a local environmental NGO, Naturschutzring Dümmer e.V.,  joined the team from Young Organics and kicked off a long-term project with Lebensbaum to count all species on company premises. For some hours the group collected insects that were identified, photographed and released; the group also identified trees and plants, finding 91 species overall, an impressive variety. An attempt to catch one of the many small fish in the pond behind the house failed.
In the evening all enjoyed the amazing hospitality of Lebensbaum’s corporate communications officer Jan Kühn’s parents, who live in a beautifully restored classic Northern German farmhouse. The house is surrounded by a garden with a vegetable patch, outdoor shower, lemon trees and a trampoline. We enjoyed a performance of Japanese dance accompanied by a french Cello player in the old barn and a BBQ organized with beautiful organic food and drinks provided by Lebensbaum.

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Sign petition for a fair and ecological agrarian policy for the EU

Young Organics have worked on a petition in a joint initiative with members of, Youth food Movement and many other organizations.

Let’s work together and join as many voices as possible for the Rio+20 conference in June as well as for the reform of the European Common Agricultural Policy 2013.

Please support this petition on avaaz.
and  spread this message through your personal networks.

Find more info at

The discussions on BioFach Sustainability Camp which Young Organics organized last February have also contributed to the petition.

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Young Organics at the “Tag der Ideen” in Bonn

An entire day dedicated to inspiring each other, exchanging ideas and meeting like minded people to discuss about “shaping the future regionally”!

Sounds interesting? We will be there, presenting Young Organics and networking with young people of all ages who would like to engage for sustainability.

You can find more information about the event following this link.

The information available is in German and the activities will most likely be in German as well.

Come meet us there!

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