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Inspiring youth for a greener future

The IFOAM EU EVS project ‘Organic Agriculture – Inspiring youth for a greener future’ (co-financed by the European Commission, Directorate-General for Education and Culture) offers 5 volunteers a one-year learning experience within an international organization, promoting organic food and farming in Europe.

They have written about their experience during this year on their blog

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Young Organics Fourth Pioneer Dialogues held at Lebensbaum

Young Organics visited the headquarters of the organic company, Lebensbaurn, in Diepholz, Niedersachsen (Lower Saxony) for their fourth Organic Pioneers Dialogue.

On July  14, Lebensbaum CEO Ulrich Walter and his daughter, Maren, who works in the communications department, opened the company’s doors to Young Organics and showed how the family-run company has achieved strong growth while maintaining the authenticity and integrity of a small family enterprise.
“The company’s values are core to our work, I breathe the values with everything I do.” said Maren when asked how the values underlining Lebensbaum’s strategy and activities are implemented.
During a tour through the production facilities, visitors were surrounded by the sweet smell of the many spices packed and blended there. The visitors discussed how supply chains are monitored and logistics managed, in addition to witnessing impressive technologies, including an earth pump that provides the geo-thermal heating for the low energy building.
“We are convinced that a long-term relationship between a company and the producer is the only sustainable way to do business. Quality of the product is not entirely the responsibility of the producer, but as much our responsibility, so we will always work together to find ways to improve quality or productivity. Since we started we have never ended a relationship with a producer” Ulrich Walter said.
In the afternoon activists from a local environmental NGO, Naturschutzring Dümmer e.V.,  joined the team from Young Organics and kicked off a long-term project with Lebensbaum to count all species on company premises. For some hours the group collected insects that were identified, photographed and released; the group also identified trees and plants, finding 91 species overall, an impressive variety. An attempt to catch one of the many small fish in the pond behind the house failed.
In the evening all enjoyed the amazing hospitality of Lebensbaum’s corporate communications officer Jan Kühn’s parents, who live in a beautifully restored classic Northern German farmhouse. The house is surrounded by a garden with a vegetable patch, outdoor shower, lemon trees and a trampoline. We enjoyed a performance of Japanese dance accompanied by a french Cello player in the old barn and a BBQ organized with beautiful organic food and drinks provided by Lebensbaum.

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Delegates at Rio+20 Have Reached an Agreement

Negotiators and delegates at Rio+20 have reached an agreement and released the final document which is to be approved by world leaders starting 20th June 2012. The document calls for “urgent action with regards to sustainable production and consumption.” Nonetheless, no, specific details or time frame has been given for the implementation of this agreement.

With regards to agriculture, the document has recognized the role of traditional sustainable agriculture practices including traditional seed systems for local communities as well as the role of women in the advancement of sustainable agriculture. In this regard, if the agreement is successfully implemented, the world will have made a giant step towards ecological and social intensification on agriculture.

The delegates have also recommended that action be taken, to improve agricultural research, extension, training and education with an aim to improve productivity and sustainability.  Let’s hope that the momentum of the draft of the paper will still be present in some weeks! and that it will reach politicians especially in Europe and the US who have not even signed the IAASTD (International Assessment of Agricultural Knowledge, Science and Technology for Development).Want to learn more about the agreement? Go to

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Hands in the soil: Young Organics Pioneer Dialogue meeting in Bonn

In the morning sun on June 2nd 60 Young Organics from across the organic, fair trade and sustainability sectors met in Bonn with 11 pioneers of the organic movement for a day of dialogue and gardening (see box below).

At the Young Organics Bonn Community Garden, young and pioneer organics spaced out lettuce plants, weeded potatoes, cut sticks for a climbing structure for the peas and beans, exchanged gardening tips and got to know each other. Some came with extensive experience in agriculture; others were entirely new to gardening. Goetz Rehn, founder and manager of Alnatura was stoked, “It is an amazing challenge to encourage these young people to make such experiences.”

After getting their hands dirty in the soil, the group went to Gut Ostler for the second part of the meeting. A world café format inspired discussion in the large green house of the biodynamic farm. Small work groups of young organics huddled around the pioneers to envision the future, critically reflect on the past, and define practical steps for next Monday, next week, next year. What did the world look like when companies such as Lebensbaum, Sekem or Alnatura were

founded? What are the most urgent issues to address today? And how can joined knowledge drive change more effectively?

“There are urgent environmental and social issues we need to address today. We need change – rapid change” Xander Meijer of Native Republic said. Discussion continued over an organic lunch.
“If you want to create something meaningful, be ready to do something crazy. Do what you believe in, go with your gut feeling” Helmy Abouleish said. “Change has to be authentic. And we cannot do it alone.”
The group finished the day in the garden, weeding and hoeing, mounding soil around potato plants, and weaving beans and peas onto trellises.
“Young Organics are thrilled that so many came to join us in this very inspiring meeting and we thank you all for helping us in what we do best: connect- inspire and act”, sais Tobias Bandel, who initiated the event. He also thanked all the young organics who organized the event and Anna Wissmann who facilitated the gardening and world café session.
The next Young Organics Pioneer Dialogue will take place at Lebensbaum on July 14th in Diepholz. Contact Martin Woerishofer at if you want to join!

Organic Pioneers and leaders who joined the young organic event (alphabetical order): Mirran Raphaely (Dr. Hauschka USA), Goetz Rehn (Alnatura), Helmy Abouleish (Sekem), John Lister (Shipton-Mill), Markus Arbenz (IFOAM), Nikolai Fuchs (Nexus-Foundation), Peter Segger (Blaencamel), Roland Schaette (Dr. Schaette GmbH), Thomas Harttung (Aarstiderne), Ulrich Walter (Lebensbaum), Volkert Engelsman (EOSTA), Xander Meijer (Native Republic).

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Young Organics launch Organic Pioneer Dialogues

Young activists and entrepreneurs met for an organic pioneer dialogue at the Rapunzel Naturkost headquarters in April 2012 . This series of pioneer dialogues aims to create and maintain an inspiring dialogue between the Young Organics network and pioneers of the organic, fair trade and slow food movement.

“The organic sector needs to constantly develop its contents and the young organic generation should try to keep organic credible and authentic” says Joseph Wilhelm, founder and CEO of Rapunzel Naturkost. The company produces and trades high-quality organic foods since 1974.

Rapunzel provided much appreciated space and time for an extensive dialogue with Joseph Wilhelm, sales director Andreas Wenning and Barbara Altmann who is responsible for the Rapunzel fair trade scheme. “Rapunzel does not exist because of a business plan!” Wilhelm said during the discussions with Young Organics. “Young entrepreneurs need imagination and have to take proactive decisions”.

The Young Organics group enjoyed a lively, tasty and inspiring weekend and is excited about Rapunzel’s commitment to continue the dialogue.

Young Organics have launched the pioneer dialogues in October 2011 when they met Christian Hiss, CEO of “Regionalwert AG” in Freiburg, Germany.  Moreover, some organic pioneers gave a message to the young during the World Organic Congress in South Korea.

The next pioneer dialogue happens on June 2 nd in Bonn at the Demeter Farm Gut Ostler. The event will begin with practical gardening sessions followed by a world café session with Helmy Abouleish (Sekem), Goetz Rehn (Alnatura), Ulrich Walter (Lebensbaum), Urs Niggli (FibL), Nikolai Fuchs (Nexus-Foundation), Sanjay Bansal (Ambootia, India), Markus Arbenz (IFOAM), Volkert Engelsman (EOSTA), Thomas Harttung (Aarstiderne), Peter Segger (Blaencamel) and others. Please contact us if you are interested in more information about this event or Young Organics activities.

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Sign petition for a fair and ecological agrarian policy for the EU

Young Organics have worked on a petition in a joint initiative with members of, Youth food Movement and many other organizations.

Let’s work together and join as many voices as possible for the Rio+20 conference in June as well as for the reform of the European Common Agricultural Policy 2013.

Please support this petition on avaaz.
and  spread this message through your personal networks.

Find more info at

The discussions on BioFach Sustainability Camp which Young Organics organized last February have also contributed to the petition.

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Young organics to Rio +20

are you interested in going to the Rio +20 conference ( in June 2012 and take action for the young organic, fair and slow movement? Young Organics have organized the sponsoring of 2 flights to Rio and are looking for candidates now.

In order to make the selection of candidates a fair and transparent procedure, we will select the candidates according to the following points until the end of March 2012:

  • Have you organized any kind of event before?
  • In which projects/organizations are you actively involved?
  • Do/did you write a blog or do you have experience in social media/internet communication?
  • What languages do you speak?
  • Are you willing to get connected to the Brazilian young movements and maybe also stay with them during the conference (couch surfing style instead of first class hotel)
  • What concrete action, initiative, project will you prepare for the Rio + 20 summit, to be implemented during your stay? It should be doable with the resources and capacities you have in hand.
  • What kind of actions would you like to do in Rio? Where do you see yourself involved best?

If you are interested to go to Rio: Please take half an hour to send us some information about you and the above points and send it to, and

Deadline: March 25, 2012

We don’t expect professional applications! Just let us know a bit more about you! Just be yourself!

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Young Organics at the “Tag der Ideen” in Bonn

An entire day dedicated to inspiring each other, exchanging ideas and meeting like minded people to discuss about “shaping the future regionally”!

Sounds interesting? We will be there, presenting Young Organics and networking with young people of all ages who would like to engage for sustainability.

You can find more information about the event following this link.

The information available is in German and the activities will most likely be in German as well.

Come meet us there!

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Participate to the First BioFach Camp 2012 “Sustainability in Practice” !

If you think about sustainability, what comes into your mind? Are there any issues that concern you and that you think haven´t received enough attention? Do you have any idea about how the food industry could become more sustainable? Are there any sustainable businesses ideas that you would like to put into practice? Do you feel like you haven’t yet found the right people that could help you implement them, or the resources to do so?

Use this platform, suggest your own topics for discussion and set the schedule for the first BioFach Camp 2012!

The topics will be selected through a simple online voting procedure. The winning proposals will be discussed in an open space format with other like-minded people at the BioFach Camp and sustainable solutions to be implemented will be developed!

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Young Organics invites you to spend 2 months experiencing organic farming in Peru!

Young Organics is pleased to invite you to participate in an exciting opportunity to exchange your experience in organic agriculture with Peruvian students and farmers.

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