Alina Eva Paetz (since April 2011)

Young Organics is about making a difference and making it now. To get people on board to take on responsibility for the world we all live in, to join hands to shape a future that is more environmentally sustainable and economically fair, to raise awareness for mindful consumption, to stand up and speak up where needed and to inspire us and others. If it doesn’t make you happy it is not sustainable!

 Charlotte Cressy (since April 2011)

I am convinced that happiness is linked to a sustainable lifestyle and by joining Young Organics I wish to share this idea with many. With Young Organics we are taking action such as having our own vegetable garden and sharing what we get from those during open events like the pioneer dialogues. This way, I hope we will inspire others that are not yet so convinced of the benefits of adopting a sustainable lifestyle.

Flavia Castro (since April 2011)

The best way to understand what organic means is by experiencing it yourself. Try getting your hands dirty and growing your own food! If you get a bunch of people to join you, even better. Organic is not about a logo: it´s a lifestyle, based on ecology, health, fairness and care


Florian Bartsch (since June 2011)

Let’s attract a great deal of attention for the right idea of a real sustainable society with social peace and long-term prosperity. Change is possible – we need to be courageous and persevering. And we need to be many! Young Organics is ready to connect and inspire people – and to act together. YO is full of idealistic, positive energy and takes on responsibility. That is what’s needed in future. It’s not about being “different”, it’s about helping towards a suitable political, financial, food and energy management system that does not explode right in our faces within the next few years and which serves the people.

 Ilaria Barbonetti (since April 2011)

Many drops of water, together, form the sea: the same way, real change can only happen if every single person starts acting towards it. And I don’t want to miss the chance of doing my part!


Jörg Schumacher (since April 2011)

Let’s connect the young organic and sustainable movements around the globe! Let’s get inspired by each others ideas and experiences. And let’s turn all this into concrete action for a better world!


Julia Lernoud (since April 2011)

I believe that we need to be unite and work together for a new society with principles as fairness, sustainability, ecology and cooperation, this way we will change the world! Change is in our hand, we need to take it and spread it!

 Martin Pairet (since April 2011)

Tobias Bandel (since April 2011)

During the 5 years I was working for an organic farm in Egypt I learned to love the energy of organic fertile soils. Since then I’m engaged in composting. Young Organics to me is one of the very few spaces where I feel comfortable to honestly ask the questions I don’t know the answers for and to be with friends on the journey to the mutual ambition of a sustainable future.

Martin Woerishofer (since April 2011)


…And many more! Get Involved!

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