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My World on Earth: voices from the favela in Rio+20

Following several months of an online survey, where 2000 youth were asked to indicate the most important challenges for humanity today, an open debate was organized in the heart of Favela Babilônia, Rio de Janeiro. The discussion organized by ICA – Information, Knoweldge & Attitude, was designed to stimulate youth to critically reflect on their daily actions and their impacts on the environment. Opinions, attitudes, and a resolution to be delivered to heads of states.

I was there, and had the opportunity to open a discussion about our food choices and how they impact the society, the economy and the planet. Watch the video here.

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Expectations from Rio+20

Thousands of people from governments, civil society, the private sector and other groups coming together in Rio+20, one of the most important conferences in the history of the United Nations. The environmental challenges are greater today than 20 years ago, and the question remains whether political leaders will manage to commit to the necessary concrete actions. The expectations are low, as many rich nations are battling with  financial crisis and a production-consumption system that seems to have reached its limits in a great part of the world.
I met Jonathan Watts at the campus of the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro at the Forum on Science, Technology & Innovation for Sustainable Development. In this interview, Watts reflects on expectations from the Rio+20 process, and provides interesting insights on the necessary transition to sustainability.

With a decade of experience as Asia Environment Correspondent for the Guardian, Jonathan Watts is in Rio as freshly appointed Latin America Correspondent. An influential author, with his latest book When a Billion Chinese Jump exploring the leadership role of emerging new global powers like China.

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Sign petition for a fair and ecological agrarian policy for the EU

Young Organics have worked on a petition in a joint initiative with members of, Youth food Movement and many other organizations.

Let’s work together and join as many voices as possible for the Rio+20 conference in June as well as for the reform of the European Common Agricultural Policy 2013.

Please support this petition on avaaz.
and  spread this message through your personal networks.

Find more info at

The discussions on BioFach Sustainability Camp which Young Organics organized last February have also contributed to the petition.

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