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Young Organics launch Organic Pioneer Dialogues

Young activists and entrepreneurs met for an organic pioneer dialogue at the Rapunzel Naturkost headquarters in April 2012 . This series of pioneer dialogues aims to create and maintain an inspiring dialogue between the Young Organics network and pioneers of the organic, fair trade and slow food movement.

“The organic sector needs to constantly develop its contents and the young organic generation should try to keep organic credible and authentic” says Joseph Wilhelm, founder and CEO of Rapunzel Naturkost. The company produces and trades high-quality organic foods since 1974.

Rapunzel provided much appreciated space and time for an extensive dialogue with Joseph Wilhelm, sales director Andreas Wenning and Barbara Altmann who is responsible for the Rapunzel fair trade scheme. “Rapunzel does not exist because of a business plan!” Wilhelm said during the discussions with Young Organics. “Young entrepreneurs need imagination and have to take proactive decisions”.

The Young Organics group enjoyed a lively, tasty and inspiring weekend and is excited about Rapunzel’s commitment to continue the dialogue.

Young Organics have launched the pioneer dialogues in October 2011 when they met Christian Hiss, CEO of “Regionalwert AG” in Freiburg, Germany.  Moreover, some organic pioneers gave a message to the young during the World Organic Congress in South Korea.

The next pioneer dialogue happens on June 2 nd in Bonn at the Demeter Farm Gut Ostler. The event will begin with practical gardening sessions followed by a world café session with Helmy Abouleish (Sekem), Goetz Rehn (Alnatura), Ulrich Walter (Lebensbaum), Urs Niggli (FibL), Nikolai Fuchs (Nexus-Foundation), Sanjay Bansal (Ambootia, India), Markus Arbenz (IFOAM), Volkert Engelsman (EOSTA), Thomas Harttung (Aarstiderne), Peter Segger (Blaencamel) and others. Please contact us if you are interested in more information about this event or Young Organics activities.

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