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Young Organics Fourth Pioneer Dialogues held at Lebensbaum

Young Organics visited the headquarters of the organic company, Lebensbaurn, in Diepholz, Niedersachsen (Lower Saxony) for their fourth Organic Pioneers Dialogue.

On July  14, Lebensbaum CEO Ulrich Walter and his daughter, Maren, who works in the communications department, opened the company’s doors to Young Organics and showed how the family-run company has achieved strong growth while maintaining the authenticity and integrity of a small family enterprise.
“The company’s values are core to our work, I breathe the values with everything I do.” said Maren when asked how the values underlining Lebensbaum’s strategy and activities are implemented.
During a tour through the production facilities, visitors were surrounded by the sweet smell of the many spices packed and blended there. The visitors discussed how supply chains are monitored and logistics managed, in addition to witnessing impressive technologies, including an earth pump that provides the geo-thermal heating for the low energy building.
“We are convinced that a long-term relationship between a company and the producer is the only sustainable way to do business. Quality of the product is not entirely the responsibility of the producer, but as much our responsibility, so we will always work together to find ways to improve quality or productivity. Since we started we have never ended a relationship with a producer” Ulrich Walter said.
In the afternoon activists from a local environmental NGO, Naturschutzring Dümmer e.V.,  joined the team from Young Organics and kicked off a long-term project with Lebensbaum to count all species on company premises. For some hours the group collected insects that were identified, photographed and released; the group also identified trees and plants, finding 91 species overall, an impressive variety. An attempt to catch one of the many small fish in the pond behind the house failed.
In the evening all enjoyed the amazing hospitality of Lebensbaum’s corporate communications officer Jan Kühn’s parents, who live in a beautifully restored classic Northern German farmhouse. The house is surrounded by a garden with a vegetable patch, outdoor shower, lemon trees and a trampoline. We enjoyed a performance of Japanese dance accompanied by a french Cello player in the old barn and a BBQ organized with beautiful organic food and drinks provided by Lebensbaum.

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