Vision & Mission

Our vision is a world where people are aware of the connections and relations between beings, resources and the environment, and take on the responsibility to live sustainably.

Our mission is:

  • to provide an inspirational open platform connecting young minds, hearts and hands everywhere
  • to promote sustainable lifestyles according to fair and organic principles
  • to be the voice of young likeminded individuals and organizations

To achieve our mission

  • We seed and harvest information and connections while weaving an organic thread through organizations, movements and NGOs.  We …
  • communicate organic practices and principles, provide tools and engage by raising awareness and advocating for sustainable lifestyles and global issues related to our vision
  • participate in the international dialogue and take a lead on influencing political decisions
  • grow our own food and learn more about it and get our hands dirty to be the change we want to see
  • document and spread our practices
  • organize workshops and create spaces for exchange and interaction

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